And the interview with Zakk Wylde from October 1st 1999:
More Sugar:  How does Black Label Society differ from Pride and Glory? (Zakks last project)

Zakk: It’s hard alcohol as opposed to beer.

MS: What is the definition of Black Label Society?

Zakk:  It’s the antithesis of f*ckin horse-sh*t bands like Offspring and Bush and all that other garbage. Like Billy Corgan, for f*cks sake if you got a set of nuts between your legs sing like a goddamn man!  What we have at the Black Label shows are pinyata-pummeling contests.  I want to get the real thing, I wanna try and get that Gavin dork and the rest of his f*ckin band and that Eddie Vedder cunt we’ll get his ass and drag it onto the f*ckin bus and stick it in the f*ckin club and hang him from the rafters and let everyone take a couple of swipes at him.

MS: What happened to the original artwork on ‘Sonic Brew’  (a version of the Johnny Walker label)

Zakk:  We got a cease and desist from Johnny Walker.  I was thinking we’d get an endorsement deal ya know what I mean?  But I mean they were cool, they had no problem with the existing copies that were out there.  So I said fine, just give us another reason to go in there and start cutting some new sh*t.  We just did the new track; Mike Inez played bass on ‘No More Tears’. (The album was re-released with a different cover and the new track)

MS: Tell me about your brief experience with Guns & Roses


Zakk:  It was cool.  Actually I just saw Axl when we were cutting the ‘No More Tears’ thing.  He came in there and I played him all the Black Label sh*t, he played me some of the new GNR stuff they were doing.  It was good seeing him again, we were just drinking beer all night and listening to some tunes.


MS: What happened with that collaboration?  I heard lawyers got involved and…

Zakk: Yah I know, I asked him, I said people are like “Oh what happened” I go “f*ckin I got to be honest with you, I don’t even know what the f*ck happened!”  Axl was like “Zakk, we were told your people said you wanted 5 million up front” and f*ckin some other thing.  I said “Well f*ck it, I would have fired my ass too.  I was like “Dude you know me by now, 5 million dollars? Get the f*ck out of here!”  Ya know what I mean?


MS: So you may work with Axl again?

Zakk:  Well you never know.  I’m still buds with the guy.  Even with Ozzy, I mean, I love Ozzy.  It’s like just because you don’t live at home with your parents anymore doesn’t mean you don’t f*ckin dig em.  Ya know what I mean, you just gotta get your own f*ckin place ya know?

MS:  How many Les Pauls do you have?

Zakk:  About 17 or 18

MS:  How does the endorsement deal work?  You just ask for a guitar and they give you one?

Zakk:  Yah but I’m not one of these endorsement whore guys that goes around going “Give me free sh*t, give me free sh*t!”  I remember when I first joined Ozzy I had all my friends go “Dude, can you hook me up with this, get me a couple of these, get me that, can you get me a couple of stacks?”  I’m like “Dude…NO!”   I just hate it when your like one of those c*nts that just keeps asking for everything.  It’s like cool enough that they give you one of their guitars, fine.  Cause I still buy Les Paul’s, If I find one that’s good I’ll buy it. 

Actually they are making a Zakk guitar right now.  It’s the one with the circles, it’s got really high fret wire, graphite nut, EMG pickups, the back of the neck is shaved, it’s got a little silhouette thing of me on the back, it looks like a f*ckin Gumby with a Les Paul!  It’s a nice guitar.

MS:  What CD’s have you been listening to lately?

Zakk:  Frank Marino, Mahogany Rush,  and Al Demeola stuff.  As far as the heavy sh*t when I’m lifting I listen to Machine Head or C.O.C.

MS:  How old were you when you joined Ozzy?

Zakk  What was I 19?  It was 87’.  It was actually like late 86’. Right before I turned 20 in January.  January 14th is my birthday and it was right that.

MS What was the audition like?

Zakk   It was cool man, you know, saw Ozzy….sh*t my pants!  You know I was just hoping to get an autograph. 

MS What did you play?

Zakk  A bunch of stuff like ‘I Don’t Know’, ‘Crazy Train’, ‘Suicide’, ‘Bark At The Moon’.

MS  Did he tell you right away?

Zakk  No, actually I went home and I came back out again.  Sharon and Ozzy, the whole band were sitting down, he just told me.

MS  So you went back home, told everyone in town right?  You must have been the hero of the town?

Zakk   I f*cked every chick in my high school man!

MS  So What was the first tour like?  The No Rest for the Wicked Tour, was Geezer on that tour?

Zakk  Yah it was Geezer on that one. It was great.

MS  Was Ozzy out of hand on that tour?

Zakk  Um…yah Ozzy was still partying then.  We were just talking about that.  Since I first joined Ozzy the longest I’ve gone without drinking beer has been like 4 days!  Every day I’m out of beer man.

MS  You’re married now with kids?

Zakk  Yah, me and my wife have been together since before I joined Ozzy. We were dating all that time since high school.  I’ve actually known her since 6th grade.  But we got 2 kids now.  She’s coming out tomorrow. (Zakk proceeds to tell us what he plans to do to his wife when she arrives!)

MS Let’s hear a good Ozzy story

Zakk:  We had a day off and we’re staying at The Four Seasons Hotel in Boston.   When we pulled into town me Geezer and Randy (Castillo) saw the bar from Cheers and I go holy sh*t that’s the bar from the TV show and Geezer goes: (Zakk does his best British accent) “F*ckin looks just like it” and I said that is it, that’s where they filmed the thing.  So we said we gotta have a beer their man.  It must have been 2 or 3 in the afternoon, so we get off the bus go back to the hotel, Ozzy sh*ts, shaves, whatever the f*ck.  We jump a cab and go over to Cheers and we’re in there and it looks nothing like the TV show, nothing like it.  It was a real small bar but anyways we get in there and we start drinking from like 3 to about 9 o’clock or so, we’ve been in there for about six hours or so just pounding them away.  We get back to the hotel and Geezer wants to go to some Irish pub or something so they’re trying to find us an Irish pub. So while were waiting for them to find a pub we started having some drinks in the hotel bar  (Four Seasons, Boston) so Geezer orders a Martini and it had a stirrer in it and I just had a beer.  I said “Geeze you got a f*ckin thermometer in your f*ckin drink man” He goes “WHAT?”  I said “A thermometer, they stick that sh*t up your ass when you’re a kid!”  and he goes “Piss off they don’t f*ckin shove it up your ass”  I said “They do so dude”  and Geezer says “They put it in your mouth”  I said “Not with me man, I remember getting that sh*t shoved up my ass dude”  and again Geezer says “Piss off they don’t shove it up your ass.”  And I go “No they do just like this”  and I pulled my pants down, and there is a bunch of elderly people and all these people hanging out,  I pulled my pants down I take this thing, shove it up my ass and I go “GEEZE, JUST LIKE THAT MAN, CHECK IT OUT!”  So Randy and everyone are crying laughing and I pulled it out and go “Hey look I’m regular!”

So security comes in there and got me, and I guess Sharon and Ozzy were getting ready to go out and eat and f*ckin Sharon came over, and I had to do a guitar clinic the next day in f*ckin N.Y. somewhere so Sharon grabs me by the f*ckin ear and goes “GET IN THE F*CKIN ELEVATOR.  WE’RE TRYING TO STAY IN THESE NICE HOTELS AND YOU’RE GOING TO RUIN IT FOR EVERYBODY!”  And she’s still holding my ear screaming at me and Ozzy is in the elevator with his hands folded and his head down like he’s getting yelled at too.  And Sharon says “OZZY, TAKE ZAKK UP TO HIS GODDAMN ROOM!”  So Sharon finished yelling and leaves us in the elevator and the doors close and Ozzy looks at me and there is like silence for a second and Ozzy goes “F*CK YAH MAN!! ALRIGHT, THAT’S MY BOY, YOUR JUST LIKE ME!”

MS   Did you hear Sharon going at it with Insane Clown Posse on Howard Stern? 

Zakk:  I think we got a tape of it in here somewhere, somebody brought it by.  Oh they tore her a new a**hole, I couldn’t believe it!   Me and my wife were watching it and I said man I should go on there and tell the ICP I’m going to kick their f*ckin ass…Black Labels’ going to f*ck them up!  Sharon can hang on her own but Ozzy wasn’t even there to defend himself.

MS   What do you think of Ozzmosis?

Zakk:  Well the ones I wrote I like.  ‘Thunder Underground’, you know.  I hate the lyrics to ‘Perry Mason’ though.