Best LIVE Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Albums
by Dave Reinlieb


UFO - Stranger in the Night

How many times does Eddie Trunk have to tell you how great this album is? I have to agree with him. If there was one album on this list that I would be most excited for people to discover and appreciate it would have to be this one.
It's just excellent, and you're not going to get that from the first lesson - maybe not even the second. It takes a few spins for it to sink it, and boy when it does it really does.
I remember when I fell deep into the album, it was maybe the 5th listen and it was side 3 with 'Lights Out' and 'Rock Bottom' - it just took me over and it all just clicked.
I won't get too much into how on fire Michael Schenker in on this album and how much it's really a showcase for his playing. UFO isn't a spectacular band - the lyrics are a bit cheesy, vocal melodies arent perfect,
and the songs arent all exactly top shelf - but there is something really special about this band.
Hard to put my finger on it but it doesn't matter how or why - it just simply is a very special live album...It sounds and flows perfectly. Magic. Thanks Eddie, really...Thank you.


Scorpions - Tokyo Tapes


Jimi Hendrix - Berkeley 2nd Night



Allman Brothers - At Fillmore East


Iron Maiden - Beast Over Hammersmith


Derek and the Dominos - In Concert


Ozzy Osbourne - Speak of the Devil


Thin Lizzy - Live and Dangerous


John Sykes - Bad Boy Live

Where else can you get to hear Blue Murder, Whitesnake, and Thin Lizzy tunes cranked out by John Sykes? Backed by xxxxxxx



Van Halen - Tokyo Dome in Concert

What? A 2015 VH album with a not so strong voiced DLR and no Michael Anthony? Hell yes, and shut up! This thing is a monster.
You put this album on at an appropriately loud volume and crank it and if you have a problem with DLR so much that it ruins the absolute kick-ass tone that Eddie has here then you never knew Van Halen live anyway.
And he's funny, really funny: Start of ‘Pretty Woman’ Dave says “I know this song…I know this song…I fuckin LOVE this song!”
and when Eddie starts his solo in ‘Ice Cream Man’ Dave yells to the lighting guy “Spotlight asshole, wake up!”. It's entertaining, it's loud and it the Van Halen live album we should have from the 1982 or 84' tour.

REO Speedwagon - You Get What You Play For



Judas Priest - Live at Long Beach Arena 84



Humble Pie - Performance Rockin' the Fillmore



Dokken - Beast From the East

Bruce Springsteen - Cleveland 1978


Pearl Jam Seattle


Elvis, Las Vegas


Jimi Hendrix - Machine Gun