Good Traders

Jason Seely (Is MIA - is he alive?)
Jonathan Howell
David Jackson
Phillip Nollenberg
David O'Donnell (LOTS of Kiss)
Edward Catterson
Scott McPartland
Donnie Campbell

Roberto Polo
Mike Gottlieb
dale y.
leonardo iodice  (LOTS of Megadeth)
Don Lee
Angelov Desislav
Greek Thrash
Nighthell Metal

Trader Warning...

Martin Mannheim – Canada -,
Shows took a few months, but did come with a few bonus shows...
Is also Martin Guenette
I JUST started a trade with him and sent my shows 8/25/17 - Fingers crossed












My OLD Trader List from 2010
Victor -
John (Has great uncirculated shows) -
Eddie -
Greg -
Mike (metalblood) -
Chris -
Dave -
Mike -
The infamous NYCBG -
Herve from France with the ultimate Metallica Collection -
TONS of Yngwie -
Andy -
Andy -
Dennis -
Brady -
Tony -
Scott -
Mike -
Dave -
Jaime -
Jeff -
Mike -
Ron -
Scott M -

Bad Traders -
Typical bad trader, I sent first, he never sent back and never responded to emails.

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